The ELC Preschool & Kindergarten


Each 3-5-year-old child enters the NIS Early Learning Center (ELC) at an important and exciting stage of personal development. It is a time when children are becoming more independent and nurturing their natural, creative enthusiasm for learning while rapidly developing skills in social relations, communication, literacy, numeracy, and fine and gross motor skills. 

As a PYP school that promotes IB's beliefs and values, NIS has adopted the Reggio Emilia approach to enable early learners to reach their individual potential in all areas of development. The Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education is based on the principle that children should be given opportunities to collaborate with teachers and peers to “co-construct” their learning through the experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing. These learning relationships are of central importance to the development and learning of the student.

This co-constructive approach to early childhood learning fully involves teachers in supporting the varied interests of students and allows them to be able to respond to spontaneous learning moments. Through co-constructive learning, teachers can support the development of cognitive skills in all students, helping to build self-esteem and setting them on a path towards becoming independent, life-long learners. By observing students closely, teachers are empowered to make decision that guide the next steps in each child’s learning and, in so doing, establish a collaborative partnership with the child.

The Reggio approach is based on the belief that children have many languages through which they speak - the spoken language being only one of the ways children express themselves. Consequently the learning environment - and everything in it - becomes important additional “teachers” for students. The indoor and outdoor classroom environment assumes huge significance in a Reggio program and NIS is proud of a safe and comforting environment in which each student is respected and their beliefs are valued. A wide range of defined areas – both inside and outside – are designed to inspire children to explore with imaginative play, art, construction, reading, writing, science, and technology.


ELC Preschool and Kindergarten Full

Due to an increase in interest for admissions into the NIS ELC, the ELC Preschool (ELC Preschool 3 and 4 class)and ELC Kindergarten are now full for the 2016-17 opening of classes starting August 22 and a waiting list has been created. All applications submitted for the 2016-17 ELC Preschool and Kindergarten will be processed as usual, including interviews. Students will be placed on a waiting list until a spot becomes available. Learn more about the waiting list HERE

This Week in the ELC

The ELC Preschool students have been able to see some of the living things in the classroom change this week. The meal worms are slowly changing...
ELC Preschool students have been working on Math skills. Preschool Juniors worked on measurement in particular "length" and vocabulary such as...
Students celebrated "Setsu-bun" (the first day of spring) on Friday, Feb. 3 by throwing beans at an Oni (demon) and driving away evil spirits. ELC K students were very brave and they chased away the Oni with his scary face and pointed horns (but he had a familiar growl). See more photos HERE ( (password required)
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