Admissions FAQs

When is the application deadline?

NIS accepts applications at all times of the year, and depending on availability students can enroll at any time. However, school policy regarding transferring seniors requires one full year spent at NIS as a senior.

How long is the admissions process?

The school requires ample time to review the application and the transcripts submitted, and we ask for a minimum of two weeks from between receipt of the application and an interview. To ensure a smooth transition for both the student and the class they will enter, the school requires some preparation time after the interview as well. Since many students enter the school at mid-year, we have found that it is important to not only properly inform any and all involved staff but also the applicant’s peers – their classmates. Typically the applicant will start 2-5 days after the family interview.

Do we need to have an interview?

An interview is an important part of the admissions process for both the parents and the school to determine if your child will succeed in our program. After submitting all application documents, an interview will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. On certain occasions, conditional acceptance can be granted without an interview.—> Admissions Guidelines

Is student aid available?

Yes, need-based student aid is available for families who have difficulty in affording the school tuition with a priority placed on students who have no alternatives for education in the Nagoya area. Please contact the Development office if you wish to receive a copy of the “Guide to Student Aid at NIS”.

Are official transcripts needed?

Yes, for high school, official transcripts are required, and should be sent directly from the applicant’s school. Certified transcripts can be submitted with the admissions materials but must be in an unopened envelope. We request elementary and middle school applicants to submit original documents either directly from the school or in a sealed envelope. The admissions decision may be delayed if the appropriate documents are not submitted in a timely manner.

Is there a required form for a health check?

NIS requires each student to submit a health report (“Admissions Health Form”), to be completed by the parents and submitted together with other admissions materials. Having adequate information about your child is crucial to our ability to provide a supportive environment, and we rely on parents to provide all of the information requested on the form. NIS does not require a physical check-up, but strongly suggests that families coming from abroad invest in a full physical check-up prior to departure and to submit that information to the school as well. A form to present to medical professionals is available from the school. NIS has adopted recommendations by the World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Center for Disease Control in determining a list of suggested immunizations. As with other medical issues, it is important that families keep records of immunizations and know what is recommended for specific countries while traveling. The list of suggested immunization is on the NIS Admissions Health Form. If a student has NOT been immunized for any of those on the list, we ask parents to provide further information and/or explanations. The school may place restrictions on attendance and non-immunized students may be excluded from the NIS campus for an extended period of time if deemed necessary by the administration.


Why is a family photo required?

As part of our concerns for the safety of the student, we ask to receive a photo of the student and the student’s family. NIS is a small campus, and while we prefer to be open to the community, we also must be careful when letting visitors on campus. Having a photo gives us a reference for people that may be on campus.

Can the application fee be added to the billing?

Yes, for families who are being sponsored by their employer, the application fee can be added to the initial billing. Please inform the Development Office ahead of time.

Do you give school tours?

NIS encourages all parents to learn as much about our program and our school community as possible and tours are always welcome. The Development Office coordinates the admissions process, and parents interested in seeing the school are encouraged to contact the school to arrange a tour. Parents are asked to call the school ahead of time – preferably one day – and to make an appointment. Tours are recommended between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

Do you allow short-term enrollment?

In certain circumstances, and depending on availability, students who are here for a limited time may enroll in NIS. All applicable tuition and fees will be billed accordingly.

Can my child "try out" NIS for a day or two?

NIS does not allow students to “try out” the class or the school for an extended period of time. If after a tour you wish to see more, we recommend scheduling another tour on another day and at a different time.