General Questions

What is the nationality breakdown?

This is actually a difficult question to answer as many of our students have two passports and some even have three. For the 2014-15 school year, school-wide there are 34 nationalities represented with the largest groups of students from the U.S., Canada, Korea and Japan (as of Sept. 1).  Roughly 70% of all our students have non-Japanese passports. The number of children who have dual citizenship continues to rise, as does the number of Japanese “returnees” who have spent time abroad.

How large are elementary classes?

Typically, a class will have between 15-20 students per teacher. Teaching assistants are assigned as needed.

What supplies does my child need for school?

All textbooks that are required for classes are provided by the school. Most other supplies that are required in the elementary school are also provided within the tuition. Some items may be required to purchase, depending on your child's grade; please contact your child's teacher or the appropriate divisional office for information about supplies and materials that may be required.

Does NIS provide a hot lunch program?

NIS contracts our food service to Cezars Kitchen who provide hot buffet lunches and a la carte items each day from 8:00 am to 4:00. The system operates much like a debit card, which must be activated with an initial deposit. Discounts are available for semester or year-long plans. A monthly menu is available online and also at the cafeteria. Some students bring their own lunches from home. The school cafeteria has a microwave for reheating food, and there is hot water available for use as well. (learn more about Cezars Kitchen at: )

Where do most students go after leaving NIS?

NISers can be found scattered across the globe. Younger NISers who leave prior to graduating from high school move on in their educational path well prepared. A majority of graduates continue their education in colleges or universities in the U.S., U.K. or Canada, and some at a growing number of universities in Japan that offer programs based in English.

Does NIS have a dormitory?

NIS does not have a dormitory, and we are not able to coordinate home-stays or "study-abroad" trips for students hoping to join NIS short-term. Students enrolling into NIS must have a parent or legal guardian accompanying them and a valid visa. 

Who is the owner of NIS?

There is no private owner of NIS. NIS is a community-based school, and as such, is an institution that is governed by a volunteer board of directors, headed by a volunteer chairperson, and includes a volunteer board of trustees to offer additional support and guidance. Parents are encouraged to get involved whenever possible to help lead our school community.