Payment/Billing FAQs

We have enrolled our child at mid-year; how is tuition calculated?

Students who register after the school year begins are charged tuition prorated at the time of admission on a basis of 180 school days. All fees (Application, Registration, Building and Capital Assessment Fees) are charged in full, regardless of the date of enrollment or intended length of stay.

We will withdraw our child during the school year; how is a refund calculated?

Refunds for tuition are by semester only. In case of early withdrawal within the first semester, students will be charged tuition for the entire first semester and entitled to a refund for only the second semester portion of tuition. Students who withdraw after the second semester has started will be charged for the entire second semester and are not entitled to a refund.

Can we pay for our tuition bill in installments?

Under exceptional circumstances and upon receipt of the Tuition Installment Request Form (available from the business office), the headmaster may allow tuition payment by the semester (two installments) or quarter (four installments). If approved, only tuition can be paid in installments; all one-time and annual fees must be paid in full upon initial billing. There is a ¥5,000 charge per student at the time of each installment payment.