School Bus FAQs

Does NIS have bus service?

Yes, the school has bus service to the Nagoya City area and a shuttle bus that services the JR Kozoji station several time a day. The bus service is privately contracted and parents pay at a flat rate for this service. Depending on availability, students may ride the shuttle bus on a “pay per ride” basis. CAUTION: Some bus routes may be full; do not assume bus availability is automatic, and please contact either the Development Office or the Business Office for more information. 

Our house is far from the bus stop - can the bus route change?

Unfortunately, the bus is only allowed to travel along the four fixed routes and stop at those bus-stops.

Are the buses actually owned by NIS?

The NIS bus service is provided by a private bus company, and NIS does not own the buses.

Is seating guaranteed for "bus ticket" holders?

For non-registered riders, seats are not reserved. To guarantee a seat, the student must be a registered bus rider.

Are food and drink allowed on the bus?

Yes, snacks are allowed on bus. Healthy drinks are allowed in sealable containers (no canned drinks are allowed). Students are expected to keep the bus clean by throwing away trash in the containers available on the bus.

Are games (Nintendo, PSP etc.) allowed on the bus?

Yes, so long as the sound is kept off or listened to through earphones.