Sports & Activities FAQs

Are there any after-school activities for elementary students?

NIS offers "ASAs" (After School Activities) for certain days in quarters 2,3 and 4. Since these activities rely on the particular skills of teachers or parents who are available, the type of activities offered vary each quarter and each year. Parents are asked to pick children up shortly after the activities finish.

What are the sports offered at NIS and for which students?

NIS is a member of the Western Japan Athletic Association (W.J.A.A.) through which our middle school and high school students compete against teams from other international schools throughout Japan. Boys’ sports for both middle and high school include: baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and badminton. Girls’ sports for both middle and high school include softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and badminton.

When do teams practice?

With the exception of badminton, which crosses over two quarters, each sports season lasts roughly one-quarter in length. Practices are held after school 2-3 times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, depending on facilities availability. There are no practices on Wednesday.

How are teams "picked" and what are the rules for participating?

At the middle school level we encourage all students to participate and focus on developing fundamentals in skills and highlighting the importance of a positive attitude and team spirit. At the high school level we form teams based on "try-outs" and encourage healthy competitiveness in the players. Our aim is to see each student setting goals and playing to their full potential. Students must be in good academic standing to be eligible for participating in sports activities.

Why does NIS not offer sports activities for elementary students?

Due to the nature of our small community, and particularly due to the fact that a large number of elementary students are registered bus users, eliminating them from after-school activities, NIS is not able to support organized teams or activities in sports like the secondary school. NIS does however offer "ASAs" (After School Activities) for certain days in quarter 2, 3 and 4.

Can parents get involved with sports and activities at NIS?

If a parent has a particular skill or is a specialist in a particular sport and interested in offering volunteer guidance or coaching, we ask that they first contact either the assigned coach, or the athletic director directly regarding getting involved.

Does NIS have a summer school or other courses outside normal school hours?

NIS has a four-week summer program which offers a chance for students to engage in activities focusing on arts & crafts, drama, music, sports, games, science, media, culture, language and leadership. NIS does NOT offer other evening or weekend remedial programs such as English or SAT prep courses.