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Gr. 5 PYP Exhibition

Gr. 5 students have been working hard on their PYP Exhibitions! Everyone has explored their interests, issues, and how they want to take action. Now it is time to put it all together and show off the process, their learning, and hopefully inspire and impact others! We are looking forward to April 14th, when students will present and share their art and research with visitors!

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Students standing on the balcony and talking about Model United Nations

The Online THIMUN turned out to be the perfect opportunity to recruit future NIS delegates. Some of the Gr. 12 students, both past and current NIS delegates, organized a special tour for Gr.7 and 8 to the Kawanabe Room where the Online MUN was taking place. We look forward to seeing the middle school students joining in MUN and passing their resolutions!

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Thankful NIS

Being thankful can help us recognize the people, events and little and big things around us that make each day a little bit better! At NIS, we are practicing gratitude each day and sharing...

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Walkathon Moves Online!

The 29th annual Walkathon will be reconfigured online because as they say, the show must go on! The event will take place on May 24 and will be a combination of taped and live events. With everyone’s support, the charities we support will be able to continue the valuable work they do in our community!

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Keep Walking!

Understandably, amidst all that is happening in the world, one more event, the 29th Annual ACCJ / NIS Chubu Walkathon will not be held at Morikoro Park this year. But, that doesn’t mean it is canceled!  The Walkathon . . .

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There are many ways to experience joy. As someone who appreciates the artist and their interpretation of the...

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Gr.7 Inspires ELC K Students

The ELC Kindergarten drama students who visited the Gr. 7 Drama class were so inspired! As part of their unit, Gr. 7 students created short performances of modernized fairy tales. The Kindergarten students learned what a fun performance looks like and helped get them ready for their own stage performance at the Winter Arts Showcase on December 13!

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First-ever “NIS Pride March”

The NIS MSSC (Middle School Student Council), in conjunction with a group of passionate Gr 8 students, organized the first-ever NIS Pride March . . .