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End of a Week, End of a Year . . . and WHAT a Year!

2020 was a year we at NIS have all been thinking about for a long time – especially here in Japan with the promise of the Olympics and of course our own NIS ‘2020 Vision Project’, there was so much hope and optimism as the dawn broke on Jan 1. Who could have imagined the craziness that would start off the year of 2020; our school, families and lives turned upside down by COVID-19. In many ways, though, this still has been an exceptional year. Not only . . .

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Importance of Physical Space

It is hard to believe that we only have one final week remaining of what has been quite an exceptional school year. A highlight this week was of course the Graduation ceremony of our grade 12 students who were able to come to campus, face-to-face one last time to celebrate and share their memories of school. At the other end of the school, our ELC preschool students are busy decorating and painting the fairy house (or is it a butterfly house!?). In the middle school . . .

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Thanks, Congratulations and Farewells

I would like to thank you all – our community pulled together and we managed to being our students back this week – with a little over 80% of students coming in on their designated days. I can’t tell you how much better, real and human our school feels now that the campus is once again ringing to the tune of students voices and laughter. Our students have been great – following the guidelines and looking after each other with care. They have been creative to find solutions for . . .

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Celebrating NIS Arts Online!

I am so impressed with how virtual interpretations of our students' artistic endeavors are having a #NISimpact this week. As I walk the halls, they remind me that although the students haven't been here, they are still creating and NISinspiring us with their talents! Thanks to our art department, the hall displays will be ready in time to welcome back students for the last three weeks of school. The Primary students have been . . .

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Walkathon Moves Online!

The 29th annual Walkathon will be reconfigured online because as they say, the show must go on! The event will take place on May 24 and will be a combination of taped and live events. With everyone’s support, the charities we support will be able to continue the valuable work they do in our community!

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Keep Walking!

Understandably, amidst all that is happening in the world, one more event, the 29th Annual ACCJ / NIS Chubu Walkathon will not be held at Morikoro Park this year. But, that doesn’t mean it is canceled!  The Walkathon . . .

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Finding Connections

It was a pleasure to share in our parent coffee morning today. I always value hearing from parents directly about the challenges of supporting your children and families through COVID-19 and online learning. Today we discussed again some of the common themes families are facing . . .

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There are many ways to experience joy. As someone who appreciates the artist and their interpretation of the...

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It Takes a Team

As we close out on another week of NIS Online I’m reminded of how far we have come from those first uncertain few days of trying to build our systems, schedules and methods and get up to speed as a community with online learning. I’m incredibly proud of what has taken shape here . . .

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The Learning Continues

I thank our entire community for your patience and understanding this week; a week in which we made the difficult decision to continue to offer online learning. I know that while this decision had the support of the large majority of the community, a strong minority take a different and equally valid view. I understand these ...

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Gr.7 Inspires ELC K Students

The ELC Kindergarten drama students who visited the Gr. 7 Drama class were so inspired! As part of their unit, Gr. 7 students created short performances of modernized fairy tales. The Kindergarten students learned what a fun performance looks like and helped get them ready for their own stage performance at the Winter Arts Showcase on December 13!

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