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Keeping Safe on Campus

Now that we are all happy to be back together at school again, it is essential to remind ourselves of ways to stay safe to avoid, as much as possible, having to go online again. We had such a successful autumn semester that it is easy to get a little complacent. We decided that we would pull out a previously posted video, but one that is still very relevant today. Please don’t be jealous about the warmer temperatures depicted in the video...we’ll be there again before we know it! But please do watch THIS, and also remember (and remind your students) to make sure your mask fits correctly. Keeping your mask over your nose is extremely important! Finally, if your student or any of your family members feel unwell, please stay at home! NIS has a study plan in place for families in this situation. All you have to do is contact the academic office at These simple guidelines will help to keep us ALL safe and learning on campus together!