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NIS is now "NIS Online"

Go HERE for more information on NIS Online.
NIS Onlineについて詳細はこちらをご覧ください。

As the COVID-19 situation started to unfold, NIS had been preparing to go online with its curriculum. Events happened quickly in the last week of February, when the decision was made, in the interest of the students’ health, that NIS would shift from face-to-face classroom teaching to online learning. The start of that preparation and the multiple meetings and conversations helped build the framework for the final preparation being put into place in this first week of March. Dedicated classroom and student support teachers are preparing with tech training and team meetings for the transition to be completed later this week. It is a new challenge, but rewarding knowing that the students will still have an opportunity to learn and connect with their teachers and fellow classmates in a new way over these next few weeks.