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Considering Future Pathways

One of the best ways to learn more about a college or university pathway without actually visiting is to speak to someone who is from there, and NIS is very fortunate that representatives from several colleges and universities stop by to speak with students and parents frequently. This is especially true for the Gr. 12 students and at this time of the year when students soon need to have applications submitted for some colleges or universities. This week we had visitors from four universities - UBC (University of British Columbia in Canada) and three universities from Holland. Students and parents were able to ask questions about the university, the learning environment, and the application process, which will help students make the best choices to follow their journey to have an impact on their communities, wherever that may take them! Further university visits will be announced throughout the school year. Parents are definitely encouraged to attend if time permits; most visits occur during secondary lunch to allow all secondary students a chance to participate.