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Dolphin Award Winner!

Today during the Gr. 11 & 12 semester-end assembly, we had a very special award presented. Mina N. was given the first everDolphin Award! For the last few years during assembly, students have been awarded "7+ Certificates" which coordinate to the 7 Learning Outcomes of CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), and an integral part of the IB program. The 7+ are awarded for such things as 'Initiative,' 'Commitment,' 'Ethics,' etc. Students are nominated by their teachers and coaches over the course of the school year in the different categories. Once a student collects awards for all seven, they are given the ultimate Dolphin Award! Congratulations to Mina who has won the very first one! It is quite an accomplishment and a tribute to your care and consideration of all you do! We are proud to call you an NIS Dolphin!