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East Building Video Tour

As a part of her IBDP ‘Senior Project,’ Gr.12 Aiko B. wanted to turn her love of video editing into something useful for the school. So after consulting with the Development Office, she turned her camera towards the new East Building and started shooting an introductory video to highlight the brand-new addition. She spent several days shooting and re-shooting until she got all the angles she needed. The end product is a vibrant depiction of how the students have been using the building this year, and will become a useful tool for recruiting new families to NIS! It is such an asset to have, especially at this time when so few people can come to see for themselves, due to campus safety regulations. 

Watch the video HERE.

When student projects benefit the school it is a win for everyone and this is a perfect example of how student talent can leave a tangible legacy! Thank you Aiko!Tak