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Gr. 12 Physics Students Visit NIFS

Gr. 12 Physics students spent all day on Wednesday at the National Institute of Fusion Science (NIFS). It was an excellent experience to follow up their study on Atomic and Nuclear Physics, and as a preparation for the next topic: Energy Production. Students were guided through a virtual reality room, where they were placed inside the fusion reactor (LHD), visited the control room, where monitoring of experiments take place, and visited the storage room, where supercoolant systems are located, along with prototypes, spare parts and replicas of the helicoidal reactor. NIFS has been operating for more than 30 years, and is a key part of worldwide efforts to advance the use of Fusion as an efficient energy production system. Fusion is the main mechanism that produces energy in stars, so the ultimate target is to use a miniature Sun on Earth to generate a clean, efficient, everlasting method to produce electricity. The NIFS collaborates with research centers all over the world, in particular with ITER in France, where they expect to be ready to generate electricity using fusion in 2035. Thank you NIFS!