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Handball Classes

Over the last couple of weeks, the PHE department, especially the Gr.10 and 7 classes, got a special treat when one of our parents came to help out with Handball class. That parent is Mr. Hugo Lopez, Assistant Coach for the Toyoda Gosei Blue Falcon! It was a unique opportunity for the students to learn tips and strategies from a real professional coach! Mr. Lopez came three times to work with the Gr. 10 and 7 students. Gr. 10 has Handball as a part of their regular curriculum, but the Gr. 7 students were lucky to make it a special part of theirs this time! Mr. Lopez came to Blue Falcon as a player in 2016 but became an Assistant Coach in 2019. We are so fortunate to tap into the talents of not just our teachers but parents as well! Thank you, Mr. Lopez! We'd love to have you back again! And as for other parents out there in the NIS community...we'd love to have you share your talent, too!