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Helping Four-legged Friends

Every year when it comes time for the Grade 10 students to choose their Personal Projects, there is always such a breadth and depth of ideas that the students come up with. Some of the project outcomes have an impact on the school, others the local community, while still others have a more global view. Today we are highlighting Anna, who chose to combine her love of animals with a need she recognized in the local Nagoya community. 

Anna deeply loves animals and also technology. It is a perfect combination for helping the Nagoya Animal Protection Center, located in Nagoya’s Heiwa Koen, have a broader reach. She identified a need for the animal shelter to have a better system for highlighting their activities and how to go through the adoption process for people wanting to adopt a dog or cat of their own. She decided she could be the one to help them reach a larger audience with a website. Currently the facility only has a small section on the Nagoya City website that includes a couple of contact links and one YouTube video. 

Anna saw a need in her community and is trying to meet it for the sake of animals who are in need of a forever home and the people out there willing to give it to them. And this might include the warm homes of non-Japanese speaking families, as well. Currently she is also considering making her site bi-lingual Japanese/English. The website is ‘coming soon’ and can be accessed here when it is complete. Good luck to Anna as she finishes her project! We hope that it will have a positive impact on both the four-legged and two-legged friends in her community!