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IBDP Exams Cancelled

Given the difficulties of running examinations around the world in the midst of COVID-19, it was determined by the IB that the most responsible and ethical way forward for all students is to cancel the IBDP examinations and find other ways to credit the accomplishments of the class of 2020. According to the IB, students will be awarded a Diploma or a course Certificate which reflects their individual standard of work, and their final IB grade will be assigned based on their coursework up through now, as well as “the established assessment expertise, rigor and quality control already built into the programmes”. What this means in terms of the final grading decision for each student is something we do not yet know; the IB will share guidance soon. It is important to note that the IB have made this decision in conjunction with a wide range of partners and stakeholders across the globe, including schools, students, universities and official bodies. This decision is in line with other organizations, such as the British A level/IGCSE, which are now also suspended. NIS, the IB, universities and others are working hard to ensure that this decision does not negatively impact the future of the Class of 2020. We ask that everyone in our community continue to help the Gr. 12 students as they complete their studies here at NIS!