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Meet the Workers!

“Meet the Workers Day” will be an exciting full day of video conferences with people from all over the world. Guest speakers will talk about their work, whether it is for their living, their volunteer job, or their hobby. It will be an opportunity for participants to meet people doing all kinds of things, interact, and ask questions. Experts in the fields of Math, Science, Health, Business, the Arts, and more will join in from various countries and time zones! They will share what their work entails, how they feel about it, the path that led them to their work-life, and much more. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions, give opinions, and share their gratitude. The day will be structured so that students can join a variety of one-hour sessions throughout the day. It will be a fun day learning before the Golden Week holiday and Mr. Pearlz, along with all the collaborating teachers, are looking forward to everyone participating in as many sessions as they can. An email to students in Secondary goes out out on April 24. During Monday period two Homeroom, students will have time to explore the menu of options and select which guest speakers they want to join. Be on the lookout for the information coming your way! In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Gary Pearlz at