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Model UN (Online!)

For the past week, ten Model United Nations Club student delegates have been participating in the Hague International Model United Nations conference online. In a Model United Nations club students conduct a simulation of how the United Nations and its member states solve real-world international problems through a formal process. An important element of MUN is that each delegation (school) represents a country different from the one in which they live. This year NIS debated a range of issues in various committees from the perspective of Saudi Arabia. 

Each student delegate researched a specific issue and debated that from the position of Saudi Arabia, with the purpose of creating meaningful and realistic UN resolutions. Throughout the week, student delegates gained a much stronger understanding of how the process works and were very, very active in the lobbying and debating stages. Learning to represent other perspectives helps us to be more empathetic and mindful or how others (and nations) think and feel. The skills and dispositions practiced - such as research, analysis, collaboration, and public speaking - are "real world" and will serve our students in any future context. Ms. Hayashida and Mr. Gildart are very proud of the enthusiasm and effort our student delegates have put into their preparation and the process. They have been thoughtful, caring, empathetic, collaborative, and courageous. This was indeed an exciting week of energy, enthusiasm, learning, and fun! We're already planning our next conference!