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New Action Heroes Project

Needless to say, NIS clubs have had to alter their activities in this last crazy year of postponements, cancellations, and learning safely. Likely, as in the past, the Nagoya Actions Heroes would have been out in the community or traveling around the country raising awareness and educating people on how to be advocates for understanding and inclusion if it wasn’t for the global pandemic. However, with a little bit of tech and ingenuity, the Heroes have found a different platform and a whole new style of promoting enlightening conversation. This week the Heroes released their first “podcast” style interview on their YouTube channel in a series called “Intersectional Interviews.” This week’s guest is Mr. Reid Pierce, EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher at NIS. They have a lively discussion about languages, reading, and intercultural learning. Check it out to hear their refreshing commentary about all that and more, including some book recommendations! And stay tuned! There are more episodes planned of Intersectional Interviews coming our way!