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Once upon a time (message from the future)

The "Personal Project" is the culmination of the IB Middle Years Program at Nagoya International School. Students must complete a significant piece of work over an extended period of time, encouraging them to consolidate their learning and reflect on the outcomes of their work. Topics are diverse and exciting, and students are encouraged to choose something that ignites their curiosity. One student this year chose to create and perform a poem to increase awareness of climate change using social media.

"When thinking of how to help and get involved in clearing this mess we have made, I thought of things that would bring attention and could inspire many people." she explained. "Rather than a formal speech, classic poetry, or a play or drama, slam poetry caught my heart the most. I hope that by listening to my poem, people can feel the same as I did when I first saw a slam poetry performance. After all, this problem cannot be acted upon unless people start growing interest, and by watching this video, it means they are taking the first step."

Please help her spread her passion for slam poetry and the environment by watching this video - and by doing something as well!