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Personal Project: Culmination of the MYP

The IB MYP (Middle Years Program) Personal Project brings together the skills, knowledge and understanding gained as students engage with a challenging eight-month long project based on personal interests and growth. The students must inquire, research, plan, take action, communicate, reflect, improve and ultimately aim to create a product or an outcome for an intended audience. Along the way, students keep a process journal, create their product/outcome, and write a reflective report about the process. It has been inspiring for many staff to be a part of their journey and it was the final stage of the project as they presented their work in the library at the MYP "Personal Project Exhibition” on Friday, April 19. The event was just one part of the school's first whole-school "Celebration of Learning Day" at NIS. We look forward to seeing what kind of impact they will have in the future with the skills and mindset they've developed as part of the MYP Personal Project.