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In an ongoing effort to get the word out about the great learning that is happening here on campus, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the hard work our Grade 10 students are putting in on their Personal Projects! Last week we introduced a student who was creating holiday cards to raise money for retired racehorses. This week we are putting the spotlight on a student, who in an effort to highlight tourism in her home country of Peru, has created an Instagram page that is a delight for your eyes. The IG account is called Peruyendo and endeavors to promote Peru as a sustainable tourism destination with daily, user-friendly travel content for everyone. Having started on November 1, it has reached more than 600 accounts, received nearly 700 likes in total, and surpassed 200 followers. PERUYENDO will continue to wow its followers with more information about Peru’s hidden treasures as the school year goes on. Andrea hopes everyone will go to the account, follow, like, and share so that more people can know about her beautiful country. Someday we will all travel again. Peruyendo will spark that hope and inspire you to dream!