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Projects Give Back

There is such a wide variety of interests and passions that students express through their Personal Projects. And using these passions, their end goals need to reflect a wider global context. Through the global context of Identities and Relationships, one student’s goal also hits close to home. His idea is to teach himself more about coding in order to teach younger students some of the applications of computer science, and thus spark an interest that will hopefully lead to a DP program in Computer Science at NIS someday! He has already been to Grade 7 with great success and will meet with Grade 8 students after the new year. And although he knows his ultimate goal - to get a DP program at NIS - will be difficult in the short term, he hopes one day his dream will be realized for NIS students in the future. In the meantime, he points out that students in the IB curriculum can pursue this independently with the support of the DP Coordinator as an online course. Giving back to your friends and school is a great way to explore your passions, don’t you think?