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Teen Sleep Deprivation

As a part of his Gr. 12 report, Desi did research into sleep deprivation and its effects on adolescents like him and his peers. Motivated by seeing his friends struggle to get ample sleep, he was curious as to whether or not NIS students are the ‘norm’ and if so, what deleterious effects the lack of sleep might be having on his classmates. What he found is dire - nearly 40% of students worldwide are lacking in sleep with effects such as difficulty maintaining weight control, poor sports performance, and even more serious effects like a weakened immune system.

But these effects can be reversed if students learn to reduce distractions before bedtime and incorporate more healthy eating and exercise habits. Being a student is difficult with all the demands of commute times, after school activities, and the pressure to ‘get it all done.’ There never seems to be enough time. But the research is clear: giving up sleep to cram in last minute details can do more harm than good.

With this information under his belt, Desi is hoping it will help his classmates lead healthier lives. He also hopes to improve his own habits as he gets ready to go off to college next year.