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What would you say if the world was listening? - TED-Ed "Ignite Talks"

TED-Ed Club members held the first event of the year - TED-Ed "Ignite Talks" presentations to share their TED talk ideas to students, staff and faculty. The event was live streamed on the school's NIS_Secondary Twitter account. Ignite talks are short presentations to get people thinking, and in this case thinking about the interesting topics our students are planning for their TED Talk. Some topics include what it's like to be a teenager, how to develop empathy, being an (much) older sibling, following your passion, and growing up as a multicultural kid. (amoung others) These are the beginning stages of the TED-Ed year and as they spend the coming months developing and refining their talks they will be connecting with students in TED-Ed Clubs around Asia and the world, sharing their experiences. Last week three club members joined a video conference call with a school in Jeju, South Korea, to learn about how they plan TEDx events in Jeju. Two of our members are planning a TEDx event in Nagoya for their CAS project. TED-Ed Club invites the NIS community to keep an eye out for our events and hopefully join us when we give a TED-Ed Talk.