NIS Online Learning Survey (Parents)

Over these last days since moving to online learning, we've had several meetings with parents and fielded questions and concerns. In doing so, we realize that many other parents also want their opinions recognized. Therefore, we have put together a survey and it would help us tremendously if you could take a few short minutes to complete it to better serve your children if we ever need to shift to online learning again this semester. Though we hope that is not the case, this will help us prepare in case we do.

To get the best data, we would appreciate it if you fill out a separate survey for each child in your family. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to hearing your opinions!

Click HERE to fill out the form. 

オンライン授業に関してより詳細なデータを集め次回の改善に役立てるため、こちらのオンラインフォーム にてNISに通われているお子様ごとの状況をご回答ください。日本語でもご回答いただけます。