Head of School Weekly Notes

Living the NIS Mission

Two events on Wednesday this week provided a great example of how NIS strives to live our mission to inspire and empower our learners.

First, our grade 10 students spent the day digging into their "Personal Project". The MYP is designed to teach students to become independent learners who are able forge connections across the content areas to shape and solve problems in a changing and interconnected world. The "Personal Project" is a way that allows the grade 10s do this by supporting them in exploring an area they are passionate about in order to have an impact.

Second, also on Wednesday, the Secondary School had a club "Sign-up Fair", where students had a chance to find a way to have an impact outside of the formal curriculum – again in an area that is meaningful to them. There were a range of clubs, activities and causes that the students either created themselves or joined to support. See the video HERE!

True learning happens when students are working in a context which they see as relevant and engaging – and it was wonderful to see this taking shape on campus this week!

- Matthew Parr, Head of School