Head of School Weekly Notes

Student Voice
This week, I have really enjoyed being interviewed by students and reminded of the power and importance of student voice in our school. First was the student press corps from MYP English researching articles for an upcoming publication. They asked questions on topics like “Why are we at school during a pandemic?” or “Why did the Governor support the opening of our new building?” “Why are there restrictions on the use of the elevator in the new building,” or “Why can’t we have conversations during lunch”…and many more. Then, on Wednesday, the High School and Middle School student councils took a day this week to collaborate on a “Leadership Retreat” from which a new mission statement is emerging. I enjoyed a great conversation with one group of student leaders. We discussed the difference between leadership and authority and the dual roles of raising school spirit and student advocacy to form student governance. These conversations always remind me that NIS is lucky to have such incredible young people in our school. We can all look forward to the impact we know that they will have on the world – and, of course, I am increasingly grateful for the staff and parents who work with them both in the classroom and at home to help them inquire, inspire, and have an impact in ways that are meaningful to them!