Head of School Weekly Notes

The Learning Continues

I thank our entire community for your patience and understanding this week; a week in which we made the difficult decision to continue to offer online learning.

I know that while this decision had the support of the large majority of the community, a strong minority take a different and equally valid view. I understand these decisions impact your families, your children and your lives and I am grateful indeed for the way in which you have offered support to the school as we continue our mission to provide learning, and support well-being, for our community.

Today I was thankful to have the chance to talk to many parents during my online “Head of School Coffee”. Over three sessions we discussed many of the key issues – and opportunities – families are dealing with right now. I appreciated learning those things that are working well for you and your children in online learning and was particularly grateful that many parents expressed thanks for the work our teachers are doing. It was also good to discuss how we might work with parents to make this next phase of online learning until Golden Week a success. I also appreciated the chance – particularly in the third session of the day – to learn more of the perspectives of those families who felt we made the wrong decision. It is this healthy dialogue that keeps us stronger.

In addition to the parent coffee I have received a great many parent comments this week – either by email or on the ‘open space’ link that has been shared in the COVID updates. I regret not being able to answer each point raised at this moment in time, although reading each message carefully has been extremely helpful to me and our team as we have planned for the next phase of school. I will be going back into these comments and trying to find a way to address common themes during next week. Please keep the communication coming.

The overwhelming support of the community as we face this challenge together has been so helpful to me, and to the team of staff here as we work together to ensure our students are happy, safe and learning.

I hope you can all enjoy a wonderful weekend!


Matthew Parr, Head of School