Head of School Weekly Notes

A Challenging Start

Thank you to all the parents who joined my HOS Coffee today. It was good to connect, hear your concerns and your words of encouragement for staff. I’m always reassured in knowing that the way we get through this is by listening, discussing concerns people have, and then working together to support our students.

“Challenging” is the word I hear and use most frequently these days. All of us are being challenged with time, work, relationships, and more. But I look back at the last ten days and see parents, students, and teachers working together to normalize our school days as much as possible. In this newsletter, you will see that the PTA had their first meeting of the new semester, with many great ideas for serving our school family despite not being able to meet in person. Club activities are still happening using online tools as you will read about - and hopefully listen to - our Nagoya Action Heroes as they continue their mission to bring meaningful conversations to their peers.

And of course, the "regular" learning continues, including online story-times, elementary assemblies, classroom discussions that invite experts to share their knowledge, and just regular classroom activities that still challenge students to inquire, inspire, and impact. All of that is happening despite shifting online, and we should all be commended on our part in making this happen for our students.

I look forward to seeing everyone back on Thursday as we re-open campus, hopefully without the need to shift back online again!

Please have a good weekend, and thank you again for your continued efforts to keep our campus and our community safe.

- M. Parr, Head of School