Head of School Weekly Notes

Missing our Parents on Campus!

It has been another busy week at NIS. On Wednesday, we enjoyed our online PTA meeting planning with parents around the events and semester ahead. One of the things that became clear was that even though our students enjoy many of the experiences they would have enjoyed pre-pandemic - lessons, sports, events, and activities - one of the most significant differences is that we simply don't get to welcome our parents to campus. This is tough for all of us as we try to partner around your children's success and happiness. Of course, the restrictions are driven by the science and are there for good reasons of safety and staying open as much as we can; but the distance from our parents is still hard. We discussed different ways to bring parents into the world of the school (even if not the campus!), and if you have ideas to share with us on what we could do better in this regard, please do write and tell me!

As one way to connect with NIS, I want to highlight today Ms. Eriko F, our assistant librarian. Eriko has been a wonderful part of our school for so many years and is loved by generations of NIS students for the care she has for them. One thing she does is create inquiring, beautiful displays as a welcome invitation to our students as they enter the library. Right now, because it is fall, there is a lovely display of leaves and autumn colors, as well as a piece of crumpled sheet music (which is not there by accident! Can you work out why it is there?). This is just one example of the many creative ways our campus is alive and well during COVID-19!

By the way, I first sent this photo out in a tweet from the Head of School account, and then it was retweeted on the NIS account. Following on Twitter is a wonderful way to stay connected to the day-to-day of school. If you are not yet doing so, I strongly urge you to think about it. Details of how to follow us are available HERE.

Finally, I will hold an “End of Semester Coffee Morning” on Dec 17 (Thurs) at 9 am. Please come and share your ideas, ask questions, and learn more about how we are engaging with this most unusual of years! Please sign up HERE, and I will send you a link for the meeting.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!

- Matthew Parr, Head of School