Application Process & FAQs

Choosing a school is an important decision, and it is a process that should not be rushed.  The application process is an important way for both the applicant’s family and the school to ensure an appropriate match between the applicant and our mission and objectives, as well as the applicant’s family and our school community.

The Admissions & Development Office coordinates the application process with the Admissions Committee, and parents can request information, schedule a tour, and apply online at the NIS Admissions Portal (creating a user-name and login password is required). All required application materials are needed (either digitally or paper in hand) at least three weeks prior to an admissions interview.  The process outlined below requires a minimum of two weeks, although this may be longer if additional testing is required: 

  1. Review NIS Admissions Policies :   Parents should be familiar with policies on admissions, placement, EAL support and other learning challenges. 
  2. Submit ALL Admissions Forms & Materials, and Pay the Application Fee :   The applicant will be considered for admission by the Admissions Committee only after ALL application materials have been received and the application fee has been paid.  Applicants can request this fee to be included in initial tuition and fee billing. 
  3. Coordinate Testing (if required due to language/other needs) :  Applicants may require onsite testing, which requires an additional appointment prior to an interview.  This will depend on the individual applicant, their enrollment timing and educational background. 
  4. Schedule Admissions Interview :  If NIS is considered a good fit for your child, a family interview will be arranged. Applicants may be asked to complete a writing sample. 


The Admissions Interview

After submitting all application documents, an interview will be scheduled. The interview is conducted in English; parents can arrange to bring a translator if they feel it is needed.  It is expected that both parents attend the interview, as it is an important, final part of the admissions process and also the beginning of the transition process for the applicant, the family and the school.


The Admissions Decision

After the admissions process has been completed, which includes any testing and the interview, the school will determine admissions eligibility, grade placement, whether additional support is needed, the appropriate level of support, and, ultimately, whether or not we are confident that the student can succeed at NIS enough to maintain satisfactory progress.

Admission will not be granted to students who demonstrate difficulty in being able to adequately access the NIS curriculum in their projected grade level, even with additional support. Such students will be asked to withdrawal their application, with no refund of the application fee.



Admissions FAQs


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Due to increased demand in the community for admissions into NIS, some classes are full or nearing capacity and applicants may be placed in a wait-pool of applicants. More information can be found here.  Please contact the NIS Admissions & Development Office for more information as soon as possible if you are considering NIS as an option for your child.

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