Learning Challenges

At NIS, we believe that each and every student is an individual with individual needs. To ensure students have the opportunity to succeed, we have developed a team of staff who work across the school divisions to provide support and guidance. 

To enable this support, the process often involves gathering additional information on the student’s learning needs, either through internal testing and feedback, or we may require families to have some external testing completed for more complex needs. The student’s progress is monitored carefully and support from the Student Services Department is given to teachers to differentiate the class work to ensure the best possible outcomes and academic success.

However, while we try to be as inclusive as possible, due to the nature of the local community and the lack of availability of staff within and outside of our school community who can provide certain, specific areas of support in English, unfortunately we are not able to support ALL students with ALL needs.  Admissions into NIS requires parents to be honest and forthcoming with any and all information regarding the physical, emotional, social and academic development of their child.