Transitions Support: Admissions and Withdrawal


Transitions at NIS:  Admissions and Withdrawal

As an international school serving families coming from around the world, students at NIS enroll and withdraw at all times of the year.

Transitioning in and out of any school community can be difficult for not only the student, but also the family, and to some extent, even the students who are already enrolled!

At NIS, we try our best to help students and families at both ends of the transition - whether transitioning in to our school community as a new student, or when transitioning out as a graduate or a student moving on to another school somewhere else.

Of course, while no transition is stress-free, everyone at NIS tries to ensure that families and students are able to enter and leave as smooth as possible.

Below describes some of the ways in which we work to help ease transitions for both students and families, some more informal than others. Most important is effective collaboration between the family and the school, and on a more formal level, some forms and paperwork are needed at varying stages of both the admissions and withdrawal phases. Completing and submitting the necessary forms in a timely manner is important to help ensure a smooth transition for all involved, for both admissions and withdrawal.


Admissions Transition Support

Most of the pages in this section of the website describe the Admissions process and the ways in which we support families make a decision as to whether or not NIS is the right school for their family.

Of course, the transition in to NIS is easier for staff, students and other families within our community to support as we are all here and able to physically welcome new students and parents as they join our community (or, even in some cases, move to Japan for the first time). However, there are some things that can be done earlier to help ease the transition before a student is physically in the classroom.

Some of the ways in which we help students and families are listed below:

  • Parent Partners (Transition Partners in the beginning, PTA once registered)
  • Family/Student Interview with the Whole School Principal
  • Assessments for Placement
  • Organizing a “Class Buddy”
  • Orientation Day (beginning of school year)
  • Move-up Day (ELC in May for new ELC students starting in August)
  • Follow up meeting with Associate Principals


Withdrawal Transition Support

While we hope that all students complete their education by eventually graduating from NIS at the end of Gr. 12, we also understand that inherently, students in international schools are more transient than “normal” schools, and that means some students must leave our community early.

The process for mid-year withdrawal and end-of-year withdrawal is the same. Parents are required to complete a “Withdrawal Survey” as the first step in the process no less than one month prior to the intended withdrawal date. This information is important for the school to learn as soon as possible in order to best prepare for any transition support or concerns. It is considered to be the official notice of the parent’s wish to withdraw their child from NIS by the intended date.

Then, parents must submit a completed “Check-Out Form” to the Academic Office no less than two weeks prior to the planned withdrawal date.

We understand that sometimes a family can be considering a withdrawal and needing to start that process before informing their child of these plans. If requested, the “Withdrawal Survey” can remain confidential between the parents and key administrators and school personnel needing to know and share the information. However, the “Withdrawal Survey” is considered to be the official request and notice from parents to withdraw a student as of the date indicated in the survey. The “Check-Out Form” is required at least two weeks prior to the intended withdrawal date NIS to ensure disbursement of transcripts, school reports and provide support for any teacher recommendations that may be required.

  • Withdrawal Survey (required at least 1 month prior to date of withdrawal)
  • Primary Check-Out Form (required at least 2 weeks prior to date of withdrawal)
  • Secondary Check-Out Form (required at least 2 weeks prior to date of withdrawal)

Post Withdrawal Transition

After leaving Nakashidami, we hope that parents and students will continue to feel a part of our community.

For students, we hope that they will eventually register to join the Online NIS Alumni community “DolphinNET” to continue their relationships with peers and the school community as “alumni” and former students. For students in international schools, these friendships can be important long after leaving, as often times it is their NIS peers who best understand how a unique experience like an international school community has had on each of them and how they have changed, or, how to best cope with changes as they move on to new communities.   

For parents, we hope that families will be able to reflect on their time here at NIS and let us know how the transition went by completing a survey for families who have left. We hope that parents will give us their candid opinions on how the transition was for students in their new schools, how the curriculum helped them along their path. We also hope to learn more about areas where we can improve.

  • Online Alumni Community Registration (DolphinNET)
  • Post-Transition Survey (3-6 months after leaving the NIS community)

At NIS, we feel that the entering at all times of the year, transitions out of the NIS community are also something that is it is a sad yet inevitable. We hope that together, we are able to make the experience a positive and inclusive one as much as possible.




Transition Support

Withdrawal Survey

This survey is required, and must be completed no later than one month prior to the intended date of withdrawal.


Check-Out Form

There are two "Check-Out Forms" - one for Primary and one for Secondary. Please download them here.

  • Primary Check-Out Form
  • Secondary Check-Out Form