Tuition, Fees & Registration

2020-21 Tuition & Fees

Notes on Tuition & Fees:
  • Tuition is charged annually for students starting at the beginning of the school year; students registering mid-year (after the school year begins) are charged tuition quarterly regardless of the start date within the quarter. 
  • Refunds are NOT prorated and are granted by semester only.
  • Full Application Fee, Registration Fee and Building Fee are non-refundable and charged to all applicable students who attend during the school year, even if they enter late or withdraw early and are NOT prorated.
  • Under certain circumstances, scholarships are available for families who qualify. More information is available HERE.



Registration and Invoicing


  • A semester is roughly half of the school year, usually from August-December and then January-June; a quarter is roughly half of a semester, usually August-October, October-December, January-March, and March-June.
  • Families granted permission to pay by installment are held to account for the same financial obligations as set forth above.
  • Below is the annual calendar related to registration and invoices:
    • January: Q3 (S2) start; Registration window opens for Q4
    • March: Q4 start; Registration window opens for Q1
    • April 30: Payment of CAF fee for returning students
    • April 30: Deposit for entering ELC Preschool 3 students
    • June 30: Tuition & fees for next academic year due
    • August: Q1 start; Registration window opens for Q2
    • October: Q2 start; Registration window opens for upcoming school year (ELC students only)
    • October: Q2 start; Registration window opens for Q3
    • December: S1 end;  Withdrawal Form submission deadline to obtain S2 refund


  • Cezars Kitchen lunch fees are NOT payable through NIS and must be arranged separately (see



NIS Tuition, Fees, Registration & Invoicing


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