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Pledge Designation

Unrestricted Donations: Unrestricted Donations allow NIS to use funds where they are needed most that year, whether for curriculum development, facilities enhancements, learning materials, field trips, etc.  Donors simply need to indicate “Unrestricted” when making a contribution.

使途を指定しないご寄付/カリキュラム開発、施設拡充、 教材購入、遠足など、年度中に最も必要だと思われる運営費に充当させて頂きます。ご寄付の際に、「使途を指定しない」旨ご指示下さい。


Restricted Donations: Restricted Donations  are also extremely helpful, which allows donors to designate funds for a specific purpose or project. Currently, the school has four preferred areas for restricted areas below.


Thank you for your support of NIS! By pushing submit, you are pledging to donate to the school's Annual Giving Fund. Donations can be accepted in Japanese Yen or U.S. Dollar, via cash or wire-check, or U.S. dollar check. The Development Office will contact you upon receipt of your submission form. Unfortunately, donations made by credit cards are not possible at this time.