ACCJ/NIS Walkathon



2019 Walkathon: May 19 (Sun), 10:00 am


The ACCJ/NIS Charity Walkathon is a wonderful event that brings together the foreign and Japanese communities of Chubu and enables us to give back to the community in which we live, reside or work in. Through the Walkathon we are able to support various charitable organizations that in turn provide support for local orphans, the homeless and others in need throughout the Chubu region. The event is made possible thanks to the hard work by volunteers and the support of businesses within the Chubu region. Walkers purchase tickets (which is their donation) and companies purchase banners and sponsor the event at various sponsoring levels. Besides the actual walk, there are food vendors, music, a raffle and stage events.

NIS is proud to be a part of the event and involves the entire school community. Students have traditionally designed the t-shirts, sold tickets and gathered pledges for donations, organized games for children and lead portions of the walk.

Organizations receiving support work in our community to support a variety of causes, organizations, and people needing a helping hand: orphans, victims of child abuse, the physically and mentally challenged, and people suffering from terrible illnesses including AIDS and cancer.

The Walkathon creates a wonderful opportunity for both foreign and Japanese residents to join together as one. Our community is fortunate to have a great balance of both corporate sponsorship and individual support from everyone. Both NIS and the ACCJ and the many organizations that received funding would like to extend a special thank you to the individual walkers, donors and corporate sponsors who have supported the event in the past.

We hope to see you there on Sunday, May 19, 2019!