Edcamp Nagoya


Edcamps are participant-driven, professional learning experiences. No speakers/presenters. Participants decide topics, break into groups and teach, learn and share throughout the day.


Date and Time: Saturday, April 13, 2019  10:00 - 16:00
Location: Nagoya International School

Registration : Free
Lunch will be provided by NIS


Edcamp Key Points

At an edcamp participants determine the topics of discussion. Unique features are:

  • Edcamps are free
  • Anyone can participate
  • Session topics are decided on the day and participants choose where to go based on their interests
  • Session facilitators are either determined in each individual session, or participants allow it to be free-flowing
  • Corporate booths and sales are not permitted, and edcamps are completely non-profit

How Edcamps Work

Edcamps generally have 3-4 sessions per day and may take different forms (for example, Edcamp Kansai holds whole-group demo slams at the end of the day. At the beginning of the day participants suggest topics which are written on a white board matrix, with themes being assigned times and rooms. Thus, it is important that participants share their ideas. While the matrix is being made, participants can enjoy networking and chat time. Participants note their interest on the matrix, which determines the rooms (some rooms are larger than others). Session leaders may be chosen from those who suggest a specific topic, or the session is regulated by the group. Participants attend sessions based on interests. Any general idea is fine, such as...

  • Design thinking
  • eBooks
  • Gamification
  • Student learning communities
  • Coding
  • School improvement stories
  • Technology (ie) G Suite for Education, Apple
  • Student voice
  • Learning support