Partnering with Parents!

Parents working together with the school to deliver the mission for our children


NIS is a non-profit school, established and sustained by a parent community who are committed to maintaining a strong international school for their children growing up in Nagoya. For this reason, a close partnership with parents is essential if the school is to remain current and relevant to the children we serve.

NIS partners with parents through our ‘Parent Partners’ program – a diverse team of volunteer parents who use their own personal skills, circumstances and attributes to support and develop the school.



NIS Parent Partnerは、保護者の皆様がご自分の特技や経験を活かし、ご都合の許す範囲で活動して頂ける保護者によるボランティアグループです。Parent Partnerは以下の3つのグループに分かれています。

There are three ways to be a Parent Partner:

1: The Outreach Team

Outreach Advocates are parents who support the school spreading the word about NIS throughout their community networks, such as:

  • Speaking about NIS when the topic of schools naturally comes up in conversations and amongst workplace or family networks (friends, co-workers, clubs/social groups, churches, etc.)
  • Initiating an Outreach Event of your own, with the support of the school
  • Volunteering to support an event organized by someone from the Outreach Team



  • 職場やお友達、個人的に参加されているグループや教会などのおしゃべりで学校の話題があがったときに、NISのことをお話頂く
  • Outreachcチームとしてのイベントを企画、実行して頂く
  • Outreachチームのイベントの企画、実行をお手伝い頂く


2: The Transitions Team

Transition Buddies are volunteer parents who support families considering a move to NIS. Volunteer transition parents are connected to a similar family (i.e. language, similar age children, background, etc.) to make contact and offer support. The aim is to help new families make good decisions for their children and, should they decide to come to NIS, better transition in to our community. Some transition buddies may also serve as campus tour guides.




3: PTA Volunteers

PTA Volunteers are the third important strand of the Parent Partner Initiative at NIS. While the Outreach and Transition teams help families arrive at NIS, once families are here, the PTA takes over! The PTA works with the school to improve opportunities for our children and support the community of parents living and working in Nagoya. While many parents become regular members of the PTA and attend PTA events, PTA Volunteers step up to actively lend a hand in the organization and running of events.





Are you thinking about NIS as an option for your child?

  • Would you like to get connected with a “Transition Buddy”? Please contact us.



Do you want to be a Parent Partner?



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