PTA Events & Activities

Welcome Pot-Luck

The ‘Welcome Pot-Luck’ is usually held on the second Friday after school begins. The evening starts at 6:00 p.m. and is usually held indoors in the Commons. Parent Partners, PTA Volunteers and all new teachers and staff are introduced to the NIS community at this time. Participating families bring delicious food, often times treats from their own culture, and everyone enjoys the variety of cuisine available. The atmosphere is fun and exciting as parents get to meet each other, and the evening is often a starting point for friendships between many families. This evening is a great, friendly start to a new school year and has a lasting impact on those who attend. We hope ALL parents will attend this opening parent event.


Welcome Tea (Sept)

Over the years, NIS has realized the importance of welcoming new families into the school community. This ‘Welcome Tea’ is purposely designed for new parents to come to school and meet other parents. Held in the PTA House at the beginning of the year, everyone enjoys the time to chat and get to know each other, as well as enjoying many baked treats and a cup of tea or coffee courtesy of the PTA.


Elementary Games Night (March)

Held on a Friday night in late winter/early spring, the PTA Volunteers support the school with this annual event for elementary students.


International Food Fair & Garage Sale (May)

Held in May, at that time of year when NIS families may be moving on to another country, this event gives everyone a great chance to sell their possessions plus offers great bargain prices! The PTA often hosts a variety of booths as well!


Language, Cooking & Craft Classes (varies)

Throughout the year the PTA organizes events and a variety of classes for parents to help enjoy life at NIS a little more! Included in the past have been language classes (Japanese, English, and Korean), ethnic cooking, cake decorating, quilting, crafts, Ikebana (flower arrangement), kimono wearing, etc. This is a very important way that the PTA provides back to the community, but relies on parents to volunteer their talents and skills to make this happen!


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Connect with the PTA!

The PTA use Facebook as one key way to connect with the NIS parent community. This is a closed network of NIS parents. Please reach out on Facebook to connect!

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