Parent Partner / PTA FAQs

How can I get involved in the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association)?

An informational letter from the PTA is included in a packet that is distributed to new families after admission. If you are interested in participating in PTA activities or volunteering, you can indicate as such on the family information form, or contact the PTA through the NIS website, email ( or in person at any of the NIS events that are sponsored by the PTA throughout the year. The purpose of the NIS PTA is to provide a strong partnership between home and school, and to promote the well-being of the students, parents, and teachers – the NIS family. Our success in achieving our objectives depends on your support and participation! The PTA always welcomes volunteers!

Who can join the PTA?

Anyone can join! Parents, families, staff, teachers, people in our community, even grandparents!

How much does it cost?

Only 5,000 yen per family for the whole school year!

Why should I join the PTA?

FIrst of all, becoming a member of the PTA does not require any time commitment from you. However, the PTA ALWAYS welcomes volunteers!

The bottom line that the NIS PTA and everything we do is ALL about the KIDS! Supportin the PTA in turn supports the kids at NIS and their needs through the collection of dues and additional fundraising, we are able to purchase the extras they need in order to deeper enrich their learning experience here at NIS. THe PTA accepts the requests for these extra supplies and equipment from the staff and teachers. Requests are then considered and funds are allocated according to the funds available through PTA dues and fundraising activities.

So . . . THANK YOU! Thank you for considering to support the NIS PTA. We cannot do what we do without YOU!