Strategic Planning 2020

Strategic Planning for NIS allows the many constituencies in the community to reexamine, evaluate, and redefine the school's beliefs, mission, and educational objectives through a consensus-based, decision making process. Both the process and discipline of strategic planning in the past have fostered a sense of community vision, purpose and direction for the school that have coordinated the day-to-day operational activities with the strategic vision and mission of the school.

The 2020 Strategic Planning process will be especially important as the school has grown significantly since our last full Strategic Planning process in 2010 - not only in student numbers but also literally, as in our physical foot-print. The new building, when open in August, will provide NIS with the space and facilities needed to better serve our community.

The first phase of the process is gather data and opinions from parents. This was done through a series of community meetings in November and December (read summary HERE). The second phase of the process is to continue to brainstorm about a potential future NIS through "NIS Future Cafes" - 90 minute sessions with small-groups of various stakeholders (parents, staff, students, alumni, etc.) gathering to discuss and share ideas (read more or sign-up HERE). Finally, a "Core Team" of about 25 people will meet over 2 1/2 days in mid-May to sift through the data and ideas to come up with the actual plan under the guidance of a consultant trained in organizational strategic planning.

Parents are invited to sign-up to any of the "Future Cafes" or later for the Core Team - or, if not possible, are always invited to share their thoughts or concerns about the future of the school at any time! Simply email


Future Cafe Sign-up