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Future Cafés...What are They!?

NIS “Future Cafés” are the next step after our NIS Community Meetings (held in November and December, 2019) in the Strategic Planning process for the school.

We have named them NIS Future Cafés to reflect the aspiration behind the events, but they are loosely based on the concept of the World Cafés Methodology, a structure to create open and productive dialogue in a group setting (

We will hold seven sessions during the week of March 9-13 (see schedule below). At each session we plan to have 4-5 tables consisting of 4-5 members reflecting the various stakeholders in our school community - including students, staff, and parents, alumni and board members.

During each session participants will envision what they want NIS to be in the future. In 2030, what would the ideal school campus look like? How will students learn? What will our school community look like? Participant’s role in this is to dream big for NIS. We are seeking a diverse group of people to come together, be creative and help craft a shared vision for the future of NIS. All sessions will be held at the school.

If you ever wanted to be involved in laying the groundwork for a future NIS, now is your time! Why don’t you join and let your ideas be heard?!

NIS Future Cafés Meetings (Schedule):

  • March 9  |  Session #1   8:30-10:15 am
  • March 9  |  Session #2   12:25-13:40 pm
  • March 10  |  Session #3   15:30-17:00 pm
  • March 11  |  Session #4   8:30-10:15 am
  • March 12  |  Session #5   12:25-13:40 pm
  • March 12  |  Session #6   18:00-19:30 pm
  • March 13  |  Session #7   8:30-10:15 am


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