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Important Notice

NIS will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation carefully and consider all facets of operation needed to successfully and safely implement the NIS Summer Program in the interest of health and safety of all participants. We need you to know that, it may become necessary to cancel the Summer Program for this year. This decision will be made no later than June 1.
The current plan, however, is to continue as scheduled and we hope to see your child(ren) later this summer!
We will continue accepting applications and notify all registered families of the final decision no later than June 1, and issue invoices for all participants at that point, if the program will continue. No invoices will be issued until after that decision has been made.
Thank you again for your application and understanding as we put the health and safety of our students and staff first. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


The NIS Summer Program provides students with a dynamic environment that helps them learn and have fun.  The program does this by incorporating activities that challenge the student through five main areas - Creative, Cognitive, Collaborate, Cultural, and Cardiovascular. We believe that a truly engaging summer program is built around these areas of focus. Activities for students vary weekly, but will include arts, crafts, team games, IT exploration, cooking, science experiments, and more!

Please note that the NIS Summer Program is NOT intended to be a learning program to enhance academic English skills. The language of instruction for the NIS Summer Program is English and students are expected to be able to communicate and participate fully in English. Students are expected to use the common language of English at all times while on the NIS campus, and may be asked to withdraw from the program (or denied enrollment) if it is deemed that the English level of the student does not qualify for full participation.


Enrollment Eligibility

Admission to the NIS Summer Program is open to students age 4-12 (entering Preschool 4 through grade 5/6), and must fall under one of the three admissions categories below:

  1. Students who are currently studying full-time in an international school (or school outside of Japan) which uses an English-based school curriculum AND who are not enrolled in the Japanese school system;
  2. Japanese returnee students (returned within the last two years; students must submit grade reports or transcripts of former school(s) attended) who previously studied in an English-language curriculum while outside of Japan;
  3. Students who are non-Japanese or multi-cultural (i.e. one or both parents have a non-Japanese passport and a native language that is not Japanese) and who have sufficient English language skills to participate.

Participants for all sessions must submit a completed application form.  Sessions 1 & 2 are open to NIS students and students from categories (1), (2) and (3).



Class Options

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Fun from Previous Years

Program Details

2020 Summer Sessions

  • Session 1: July 27 - 31 9:00 - 15:00
  • Session 2: Aug 3 - 7  9:00 - 15:00

Application Deadlines

  • Session 1 & 2: June 26

Application Requirements

Students must be between Preschool 4 and Grade 5/6 (age 4-12) and have a basic understanding of English, sufficient enough to allow them to follow directions safely and participate in the activities with enjoyment. Please see the requirements under "Enrollment Eligibility".

Session Fees

¥35,000 per student, per session (Lunch fees separate)  *Payment includes the popular Summer Program T-shirts!


Email: summerprogram@nis.ac.jp    
Tel: 052-736-2025

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