Student Services: Personalized Learning, EAL, Counseling and Health


Student Services at NIS


Student Services at NIS is a team of staff who ensure that each student has the opportunity to succeed by inspiring and empowering all our students to think creatively and critically, to pursue lifelong learning, and contribute positively to the global community. Working across the school, the Student Services team reinforces the school’s Mission by providing support for any language, learning, medical, social or emotional need that may impede a student’s ability to articulate their dreams, to question the world around them, or to contribute to that world.

At NIS we believe that each student is an individual with individual needs; the role of the Student Services team in the school is to support these needs. This role may take the form of supporting a student's acquisition of English so that they have better access to the curriculum, or it might be helping to boost literacy or numeracy skills. Alternatively, the team might work to address a knowledge gap or be involved in revisiting previous learning to ensure students are at the appropriate level. Equally, their role may involve providing a safe space for students to talk through worries or doubts, or to support teachers in the classroom; co-planning, co-teaching and working with students. Since there are a wide range of possible actions, support is allocated based on the needs of the individual student.

The Student Services team can also undertake further assessments of students’ specific needs in order to provide detailed information to staff, parents and the student themselves about the things that can be done to maximize access to the NIS mission and curriculum. This information allows staff to better plan and deliver high quality lessons and ensure maximum progress for the students in their care.

We believe that inclusion and diversity are at the heart of what makes NIS a special place, and the Student Services team play a significant role in finding opportunities to celebrate our diverse community. The Student Services team tries to ensure that the strengths and interests of each individual student is recognized and valued, alongside the identification of any challenges they may have. The Student Services team offer a diverse range of skills, knowledge and backgrounds bound together by a belief in supporting the needs of each individual student in our community.


Student Service Aims

The primary aim of the Student Services Department is to ensure that the individual needs of all students, from Preschool through to Grade 12, are met through appropriate differentiation and teaching.

The overriding goals for Student Services are that:
- Students are identified as early and as thoroughly as possible.
- Students are integrated as much as possible within the mainstream curriculum.
- Students experience appropriate and meaningful adaptations and teaching.
- Each student’s potential is maximized; academically, physically, socially and emotionally.

Each student in Nagoya International School receives the provision they need to maximize their potential.

Student Services recognizes each student as an individual human being. It is about adapting the system to the needs of the individual rather than forcing the individual to fit the needs of the system. This means strengthening the link between learning and teaching by engaging students-and their parents-as partners in learning.

Student’s uniqueness is valued through learning experiences that will provide opportunities to celebrate their cultural, social and academic backgrounds. By identifying their needs, we seek to develop potential and nurture individual talents.


Student Services Strands

NIS has a holistic approach to supporting each student. As such, Student Services work collaboratively to engage in a TAC (Team Around the Child) approach in supporting students. However, Student Services staff tend to have expertise in one or more of the following broad areas:

Personalized Learning

Staff working within the Personalized Learning strand are actively engaged in helping to remove barriers which a student may face in terms of access to the curriculum. These may include addressing student need in any of the following areas:

  • Cognition and Learning
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Sensory and/or Physical
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Personalized Learning staff engage in an ongoing cycle of analysis in order to deliver the most effective provision, following an 'identify, plan, do and review' framework.

English as an Additional Language

Staff working within this strand will be engaged in supporting students with their acquisition of English as an additional language. Their broader aim is to improve students’ capabilities in academic English in order to facilitate their access to the wider curriculum at NIS, while also supporting teaching staff in differentiating the curriculum to meet the needs of the students with whom they work. They are also actively involved in supporting new students for whom English is a new language as they transition into the NIS community.

Counseling and Health

Staff within this strand address student's medical and counseling needs. The staff member responsible for health delivers medical provision and gives medical advice as appropriate, keeps accurate medical records, shares medical information with appropriate school staff to safeguard student health and develops 'medical emergency plans' as appropriate. Staff responsible for counseling deliver both academic college counseling as well as social, emotional and mental health counseling. Both liaise with external professionals and student's families as appropriate. Read more about Counseling HERE.


The IB and Inclusion

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