MS Musical: Bill and Tess' Excellent Musical Adventure April 9 & 10
Posted 03/20/2015 02:47PM
This year’s musical is a devised stage adaptation of the movie "Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure". In the musical, Bill and Tess, in a race to complete a history presentation in their final high school year, find a telephone box with magical powers allowing them to time travel through history meeting famous historical figures. Bill and Tess see this as an opportunity to do a presentation with a difference, and throughout the movie persuade, trick and even capture some of their real life exhibits to bring them back to the 20th century for all their school to see. During their travels they learn about and experience the times from which their historical figures come from and get involved in some great and sometimes chaotic adventures along the way. We have adapted the story for stage to focus on historical musicians from the last few centuries - think of it as a journey through music history! Performances will be on April 9 (4:00pm) and 10 (6:00pm) and are free!
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