Leraning about Communication Technology
Posted 11/23/2015 09:00AM

This week, grade 1 students focused on the modern modes of communication we have today in UOI. They learned about emails and how Internet allows us to send messages to people on the opposite side of the world in less than 1 second. The class emailed Mr. P, the Head of School and Mr. K, the Primary Principal to tell them what they have learned so far in this unit.  Then they discussed the usage of smartphones and the many useful apps.  Their lesson was interrupted by a Skype call from Miss B’s friend in Singapore.  The students learned that Miss B and her friend Miss. Y grew up in Vancouver, but now, they have both moved to Asia for work.  SMiss. Y talked about her experiences working in Australia and Asia and explained how she keeps in touch with her family and friends from around the world.
Then, the students wanted to find out what was the most popular of these communication technology, so they conducted a survey! They surveyed the middle school and high school students and teachers to find out how often they use certain types of technology.  They will analyze the results of their surveys next and discuss why some modes more popular than others. (11/15/2015)


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