3D Shape Hunt!
Posted 02/08/2016 09:44AM

3D-shapes are fat, not flat. A cone is like a party hat. A sphere is like a bouncy ball. A prism is a building tall. A cylinder is like a soda pop. Cubes are like the dice you drop. 3D-shapes are here and there. 3D shapes are everywhere. Grade 1 students begin their exploration of 3D shapes by contrasting them to 2D shapes. They observed that 2D shapes are flat like pancakes, but 3D shapes are fat solids.  On Friday, they went around the school, going on a 3D shape hunt! They looked for spheres, cones, pyramids, cubes and rectangular prisms. It's tricky finding pyramids and cones, but they noticed that a lot of things ares in the shape of rectangular prisms and cylinders. What 3D shapes can you find at home? Can you describe their faces, edges and vertices? (2/5/2016)


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