Human Migration in Grade 5
Posted 02/19/2016 11:33AM

Grade 5 students have been inquiring into “Where We Are in Place and Time/Human Migration” with the central idea, "Human migration can be a response to changes in communities and environment." Students finished sharing their family migration stories, which gave them an insight into how many different paths have brought them together here to grade 5 in Nagoya.

Using reading and note-taking skills and strategies students became experts on a certain section of the article and then taught their home groups all about their section. Students reflected on their learning and their newly-found connections to the central idea, as well as thinking through the questions they still have. This led them to look more closely at current human migration and the migration crisis. This topic is what will be investigated as students do their summative task. In the role of journalists, they will write a newspaper and demonstrate their understanding of the key concepts of causation, change and perspective. (2/10/2016)


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