Weekly Update 2017.1.19
Posted 01/23/2017 09:23PM

NIS Weekly Update - Jan. 19, 2017

Inquire Inspire Impact 


  • PTA New Year Lunch (1/20)
  • SAT Test (1/21) (revised)
  • Teacher Workdays - No Classes (1/23-24)
  • PTA Welcome Tea (1/25)

Dolphin SPORTS

  • Haiku Sports Pages
  • 1/19-21 High School Boys Basketball @ Marist
  • 1/20-21 High School Girls Basketball @ NIS
  • 1/28 Middle School Boys Soccer/Girls Basketball vs. KIU
  • 1/28 High School Boys/Girls Basketball @ SOIS


Winter Welcome Pot-Luck / Raffle Draw
Don't forget to mark your calendars and plan on being here for the PTA Winter Welcome Pot-Luck and Raffle Draw on Friday, Feb. 17 from 6:oo pm. With so many new students and families having recently joined the NIS community, we look forward to this evening event where all NIS families - new and old - can come together to share an evening. Please note that the main raffle prizes can be won by anyone with a ticket - and the ticket-holder does NOT need to be present at this event. To win the door-prizes, however, requires the ticket-holder to be at this event. Thank you everyone for supporting this important fundraising effort of the school!

ELC 4 is in the Lead!
Special thanks to some of the Gr. 4 students for making a Raffle poster and for calculating the percentages of class sales as part of their Unit of Inquiry! As of today, the ELC 4 class is leading class sales!

TELL-led Workshops, Discussions & Questionnaire
Yesterday, staff and volunteers from TELL (formerly Tokyo English Lifeline) visited NIS to give a presentation about the TELL Lifeline and to facilitate small group discussions about the importance of seeking help when we feel alone or overwhelmed. At the end of the discussions, students who had informed consent from their parents were invited to complete a survey about the types of things that worry secondary students. The survey is part of a three year, government-funded study investigating the need for and availability of social, emotional and mental health support for multicultural/international adolescents in Japan. We are grateful for The staff at TELL and Aichi Prefectural University enjoyed coming to the school, and hope to have more opportunities to collaborate with NIS students and staff in the future.

Flu Season is Here
Flu season is here across the Japan and the city of Nagoya Issued an Influenza Warning last week.  At NIS, three cases have been reported this week. Should your child show signs of a temperature or other flu-like symptoms NIS asks that you keep her/him home and seek the advice of a doctor. If your child gets influenza, please follow the NIS flu guidelines (Haiku link). If you have any questions, please contact the health office, and here are some helpful links:

CAT 4 Assessment for Gr. 1-10 Students
Over the next few weeks, students in Grades 1-10 will take the Cognitive Ability Test, an assessment designed externally to identify the cognitive ability of students, based on age appropriate expectations (LINK).  In simple terms, cognitive ability is a person's ability to reason with and manipulate different types of material through a series of verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial ability tasks. CAT4 results help us understand the potential for academic attainment. As cognitive ability is not particularly curriculum related, the results will not be significantly influenced by a student’s previous schooling or their subject knowledge, and this is not a test a student can study for. The results can help teachers plan differentiated lessons, address individual learning styles and modify expectations for students across curriculum areas. Additionally, the results will inform our work with the curriculum programs as they are developed to more appropriately be tailored to our student population. The data will be used internally only and is not shared with anyone outside of NIS, and the results will be shared with parents after they have been analyzed and collated. For more information contact Luci Willis, Director of Teaching, Learning & Inclusion (

Walkathon Tshirt Contest - LAST DAY!
Deadline for submitting Walkathon Tshirt designs has been extended to TOMORROW (Friday) at 8:30. Final design will be chosen at the ACCJ Shinnenkai (New Year's Party) on Thursday evening, Jan. 26.

NIS Karate Free Trial Day (Jan. 25, K-Gr 8)
Go to the following links to sign up. Please note that there will be no bus service.  Student online sign-up;  Parent session sign-up (12:50-1:50pm, PTA Community Center). For more information, contact:  

Lost & Found Items will be Disposed of THIS WEEKEND
Now is your last chance to pick up many lost items that were collected Semester 1, now on display in the outdoor corridor between the Wing Building and the Maintenance building (by the outdoor entrances to the boys and girls locker rooms). These items will be discarded this weekend.

Library News - Borrowing Books
Parents and students can use the 6-digit code to access your account online to view your holdings and extend the renewal date prior to its due date. Parents can send an e-mail to <> to request books be sent home with their child. - Librarians

Yearbooks/Yearbook Photos
Photos for new students will be taken in March to add to the 2017 Yearbook for students who joined NIS after Picture Day this year. The 2017 Yearbook is still available for a pre-sale at a discounted price until March 31. Order online HERE with a credit card to get special services like personalizing your copy with your child's name on the cover. You can also order your copy at the Library for only ¥7500.  - Yearbook Staff

Grade 1-5 Open Campus Month - Sign up Now!
February is Open Campus month for Grades 1-5. Open Campus is a time for parents to observe their child at school and see how they are interacting socially and academically. Parents are invited to sign up for one, two-hour session during February (limited to two families). Attendance is voluntary. For Information/Registration: click on this LINK or go to Haiku and click on "Open Campus Month" under Primary School - left menu bar.

The IB Learner Profile for January is:  THINKER



Gr. 12 Theater Performances
Today the gr. 12 Theater students performed their final Group and Individual projects - a performative culmination of their studies in the IBDP Theater class that will be externally moderated by the IB. Performances have been going all day, and audience feedback is required as part of the process, so each performance has been followed by a Q & A session with the actors. There were definitely some innovative and confident performances. Good job gr. 12 Theater students.

Parent Teacher Conferences  
If you were unable to make an appointment with your child’s teacher yesterday for Parent Teacher Conference and would still like to meet, please contact me and I can arrange to help. - - Mr. Klymow.


New Years Luncheon TOMORROW! (Jan. 20)
The PTA will have a New Years Luncheon on Jan. 20 (Fri) from 11:30 at KAKIYASU 柿安 in Kanayama (Asunaru Annex of Kanayama station). It will be buffet style lunch, and the cost is ¥1300 for PTA members and ¥1800 for non-members. ( or Facebook
PTA Welcome Tea (Jan. 25)
The PTA welcomes all parents to come in for a Semester 2/ Winter Welcome Tea to welcome all new parents on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 9-11 am.

Casual Conversation Class in English (Feb. 8, 9-10am, PTA Cultural Center)
Topic will be "Idioms" ("I'm not going to beat around the bush.", "Jump on the bandwagon", etc.). All languages and cultures invited. Please don't let language be a barrier to joining. Some translations/translators will be available. This is a very casual conversation class intended to be informational and fun! Come see what it's all about. "The ball is in your court." Hope to see you on the 8th.

Cookie Decorating Class (Feb. 14, 10-12 pm, PTA Cultural Center)
Please bring an apron and a container to take your 5 decorated cookies home in. 4,500 yen per person.


MYP-DP Transition in Science - Approaches to Learning

The gr. 10 students have begun their final semester of MYP and in Science, they will be studying a unit of inquiry in each of the science disciplines - Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The focus will be on the Approaches to Learning (ATL) in Science.

These pre-DP units of inquiry will focus on developing their thinking skills (better understanding the depth of inquiry and understanding required in the DP), their communication skills (focusing on the use of subject-specific vocabulary and the ability to write focused explanation of concepts), research skills (heightening their awareness of the need to make decisions on what knowledge is relevant for a specific task or question) and their self-management skills (developing their resilience, their ability to problem solve independently  and organize their time productively).

They will perform a series of experiment and design investigations that will be graded using DP Internal Assessment criteria.

Thank You!
We are pleased that you are part of the school community and look forward to working with you throughout the year. Should you have any questions, please call the school (052-736-2025). We will be happy to assist you.

Matthew Parr, Head of School (
Paul Ketko, Elementary/ELC Principal (
Robin Klymow, Secondary Principal (
Erik Olson-Kikuchi, Director of Admissions & Development (
Carol Walter, Director of Business & Operations (
Luci Willis, Director of Teaching, Learning and Inclusion (
Yuko Spachuk, School Counselor (
Marika Farrell, Athletic Director (

Contacting NIS:

If you wish to contact the NIS office (student absence, messages, change of address, personal information, etc.), we encourage you to use the following email address:
    or you may call NIS at 052-736-2025

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