Redesigning the ELC classroom
Posted 04/11/2018 04:00PM
Over the last few months the Preschool students have been working on their unit of inquiry How We Organise Ourselves. As part of this unit the students talked about and photographed the things they felt were important in school, these included people, bathrooms, toys, tables, chairs and many more resources. As this unit is coming to a close the teachers were thinking about how the students could demonstrate and share their learning. At the same time the Kindergarten students were stating a new unit under the theme Where We Are In Place and Time. When thinking about a provocation that would encourage the students to think about how we use space and how it connects us to other people. The ELC teachers decided to combine the end of the Preschool unit with the beginning of the Kindergarten unit. The Preschool students became experts, sharing their understanding of school and the important things in it with the Kinder students. Together groups of different aged children started talking about our space and how we organise it. The teachers wanted these discussions to inform how we use our space each day and so over the weekend the teachers moved all of the furniture, toys and resources into one area of the building. On Monday morning the students entered the empty classrooms and were excited to see what was going on. One 5 year old student exclaimed "Whoa! I said we need to build a new school and now it's real life!". The students have spent most of this week redesigning and reorganising the whole ELC building.
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