Our Mission & Objectives


We inspire and empower our students to think creatively and critically, pursue lifelong learning, and contribute positively to the global community.

Like many schools, our mission and objectives are what guides every facet of our school community.  Created by the community for the community, NIS first utilized the transformative power of developing and implementing a collective mission through “Strategic Planning” in 1995. The current mission and objectives were revised in 2009-2010 after a similar lengthy, collaborative process by a team of over 25 parents, teachers and board members.

Our community aims to make our mission the reality for all students, regardless of their age, nationality, academic need or length of enrollment.  

We conceive of classrooms in which students are taught to habitually question and puzzle over the world around them; classrooms which encourage students not merely to ‘answer the questions’ but rather to ‘question the answers’. We do this because we know that it is only by truly questioning their world that young people can come to fully understand their world – and since none of us can connect to something we do not understand, we know that it is only through developing this understanding that students can meaningfully connect to - and contribute to - the communities around them. At NIS we understand that it is these contributions, these real-world interactions, that create the ‘crisis of engagement’ necessary for students to develop the sense of ‘self’ and ‘other’ so critical to the formation of a child’s personal identity as a citizen of the world. Ultimately, it is through this process that NIS students come to understand themselves and their world, develop confidence as learners and thinkers - and so embrace a personal dream for their future beyond NIS.  

If this excites you, well, it excites us too!

Our Mission

We inspire and empower our students to think creatively and critically, pursue lifelong learning, and contribute positively to the global community.

Our Objectives

Each student will…

  • Articulate their dreams and creatively engage in activities toward achieving them.   
  • Demonstrate the confidence and desire to continually question and expand their knowledge, skills, and understanding.
  • Choose to consistently contribute to their communities.

Our Strategies

We will…

  • Develop and implement a school-wide curriculum that enables all students to achieve our mission and objectives.
  • Recruit, retain and support qualified teachers and staff who are committed to our mission and objectives.
  • Develop plans to ensure the long-term financial stability of the school.
  • Build and sustain trust and understanding among all our constituents.




School Development Plan

The NIS “School Development Plan” is an action plan which represents a synthesis of the various goals and tasks that were identified in the most recent CIS and WASC self-study and final team report, the various PYP, MYP and DP authorization/validation processes and our own planning. These are the key areas of focus which, if comprehensively addressed, will ensure that we can deliver our mission. Attached HERE is SDP for the 2017-18 school year.
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