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At NIS, we believe that each and every student is an individual with individual needs. To help ensure students have the opportunity to succeed in their educational and developmental paths, we have developed a team of staff who work across the school divisions to provide support and guidance in a variety of ways. This Student Services Team provides support for language development concerns (not just English), and also support for any learning, medical or emotional needs that may impede the student’s ability to articulate their dreams, to question the world around them, or to contribute to that world.

The Student Services Team supports each student in an individualized way in as much as possible by utilizing the resources that are available to us. This might be supporting the acquisition of English for better access to the curriculum. It could be boosting literacy or numeracy skills. It may be addressing a knowledge gap or revisiting previous learning to ensure the student is at the appropriate level. We can support the students with organization or planning skills. We also provide a safe space for students to talk through normal emotional concerns, troubles or doubts with our school guidance counselor. There is a wide range of ways to provide support that is allocated based on the needs of the individual student.

To facilitate support, we often need to assess the specific areas of concern for each student, which helps provide detailed information to staff and parents. This often requires referrals to outside professionals (outside of Nagoya) and/or regular and consistent communication with professionals who may have a previous history of providing support. We believe that professional assessment can provide important, constructive information about students’ needs in order to better plan and strategize how to deliver curriculum in a way that is relevant and appropriate for each student, which in turn helps to ensure maximum progress for each student. In this way, we are also able to support teachers in the classroom by co-planning, co-teaching and working with other students in their grade.

Our role at NIS is as advocates for inclusion and diversity for all students in as much as possible. Due to the nature of the local community and the lack of availability of support staff outside our school community who can provide certain, specific areas of support in English, unfortunately we are not able to support ALL students with ALL needs. Admissions into NIS requires parents to be honest and forthcoming with any and all information regarding the physical, emotional, social and academic development of their child.

We look for opportunities to celebrate the incredible and diverse community we have at NIS. We try to ensure that the strengths of the individual are recognized as well as the challenges they might have.


Student Services Team

  • Student Services Department Leader  L. Willis
  • Guidance and College Counselor  M. Kanada
  • K-2 EAL Teacher  J. Ovenden
  • 2-5 EAL Teacher  E. Jones
  • 6-10 EAL Teacher  D. Vajpeyi
  • MS/HS EAL Intern  Z. Santosuosso
  • MS/HS Learning Support Teacher  G. Stich
  • ES Learning Support Teacher  K. Volkman
  • MS Learning Support Intern  P. Volkman
  • School Nurse  C. Imamura

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